School Re-formed

About the Blog

School Re-formed seeks to inspire critical reflection on learning and schools. Funding and inspiration comes from the Academy for the Love of Learning.


More About the Blog

We believe our schools, though often run by talented and well-intentioned people, are structurally flawed. They do not need to be adjusted, nor do they need to be polished up through corporate “reform.” They need to be formed anew, taking into account new knowledge and traditional wisdom on how people learn, as well as the context of an overheating planet that is facing severe political and economic crises.

What will these new forms look like? Glimpses can be seen in existing schools started by visionaries as well as creative learning environments in various sectors of the economy. It is our hope that by bringing these models out of the periphery and into the center, we can stand ready, as educators and human beings, to build the schools of the future: places of genuine learning, of creativity and vigor and relevance.

Much of the research that went into this blog has been sponsored by the Academy for the Love of Learning, in Santa Fe, NM. The idea of investigating and sharing more humanistic, transformative models of learning was first proposed by the Academy’s founder and president, Aaron Stern.

How It Works

The blog has three types of entries.

1) Posts written by one of us, or by a guest contributor, offering a reflection on schools and learning. These posts appeared over the course of 2012 and early 2013, and are generally less than 1000 words. They are organized by category on our Index of Posts page.

2) Profiles of innovative schools and models of learning we have visited. The profiles live on the Posts and Profiles page and are organized by category on the Index of Profiles page.

3) Brief reflections on books and articles we’ve read, along with links to interesting videos. These appear in alphabetical order by author (or by subject, in the case of the films) on the Literature and Film on Schools and Learning page.

Join Us

Please contact Seth at for more information about the this project and/or the Academy for the Love of Learning.



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