Post 14: The Education of Adam Lanza

Wednesday, December, 19, 12 § 5 Comments

Like all of us, I’ve been trying to digest the tragedy in Newtown this week.

I’ve been grieving from afar, been holding my daughter more tightly. Checking on her more often at night.

Perhaps the experience is too raw for us to make meaning of it, but as much as I try to keep them at bay, the questions arise. Why did he do it? How did Adam Lanza lose touch with his humanity? How are we creating young men like Lanza, like James Holmes from the Aurora shooting?

For me this is not a gun control issue. Neither is it an issue that can only be addressed by psychiatrists.

For me, this is an education issue, and it implicates us all. « Read the rest of this entry »


Profile: Adharshila Learning Center

Wednesday, December, 12, 12 § 4 Comments

From the heart of India, a pedagogy that attempts to balance college fantasies with the reality of a subsistence-farming life.

Adharshila Garden

Students in the garden at Adharshila.

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Post 13: An Education Revolution from the Field [continued]

Wednesday, December, 5, 12 § 1 Comment

This post includes Parts 2 and 3 of a three-part description of a national movement in adult education that successfully replaced the “sit-down-and-listen” model with a more dynamic, more humanistic learning approach. Read Part 1 here. By guest contributor Paul Biderman, J.D.

In Part 1, I described the Kolb learning circle, which presents a drastically revised approach to teaching people of any age and profession—in my case, judges and judicial staff. Here, in Parts 2 and 3, I describe what may be of more relevance to this blog: how nationwide exposure to the Leadership Institute and experiential learning concepts sparked a national movement to reinvent the field of judicial education. « Read the rest of this entry »

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