Post 7: Leadership Begins at Home

Wednesday, September, 26, 12 § 1 Comment

Guest contributor Nanda Currant is an artist and filmmaker with an extensive background in education and art therapy. She recently produced Conditions to Flourish: Reflections from Former Homeschoolers, which can be previewed here. [Full bio].

I have been thinking quite a bit about leadership. We have lived by a model of hierarchy for a long time. We have assumed that our schools, communities and nation must be run the way we think a dog pack runs, that there must be an Alfa and Omega, a dominant figure on top, leading the way.

But this may be a faulty way of thinking about leadership, and not only for society, but even for dogs. Recently I read Your Dog is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan. Ostensibly about dog training, the book presents a new way of thinking about “packs,” and about learning.  Behan speaks about energy and how it moves in a pack, and how the heart of the animal has more to do with the hunt than does the hierarchy or supposed Alpha leaders. « Read the rest of this entry »


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