Post 10: My 18,053 Classmates and I

Thursday, November, 8, 12 § 2 Comments

Some weeks back, my former boss and School Re-Formed guest contributor, Tony Gerlicz, invited me to take an on-line class with him, from Stanford University.

He and I had been chatting about Disrupting Class, the book by Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn that predicts the end of school as we know it. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about Christensen and Horn’s book–it’s myopically oriented towards the middle and upper classes, and outright fascist in calling for school leaders to dismiss the democratic process–but like Tony, I feel the authors are right in predicting that new forms of more personalized and flexible schooling, aided by new technologies, are on the rise. « Read the rest of this entry »


Post 5: School Disrupted

Thursday, September, 13, 12 § 1 Comment

Guest contributor Tony Gerlicz has 35 years experience as a teacher and leader in schools across the world. He founded Monte del Sol Charter School in Santa Fe, NM Find his full bio here.

I recently co-facilitated a workshop called “Innovative Leadership” for 38 independent school leaders in Silicon Valley arguably the epicenter of innovation in the US if not the world. The speakers we brought in described how failure and resilience are constant companions to innovation.  A venture capitalist told us he looks for a “failure resume” from clients to gauge their seriousness of intent and capacity for learning.

We asked the educators how resonant these ideas of failure and innovation were in their schools. Of the 38 school leaders, one or two raised a hand.

Historically, people do not think of education when they think “innovation.” They think of a plethora of other industries. « Read the rest of this entry »

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