Post 9: The Big Question

Wednesday, October, 10, 12 § 3 Comments

Among the people following these posts is a childhood friend of mine who is not an educator. He’s a smart, progressive guy and a good critical thinker, and recently we had some time to chat about the point of this blog.

Despite the highfalutin language of our writing (our perhaps because of it) my friend isn’t sold on the need to re-form the way we do public school. Sure, classroom-based learning can be boring at times, but in general he enjoyed his years of public schooling and university, and saw how it gave him and many of his classmates ample opportunity to explore different areas and develop their interests.

As we spoke more, we realized we had different ideas about what school should look like because we had different ideas about what schools should do. Which means it’s time to take a step back and consider the bigger question:

What is school for? « Read the rest of this entry »


Post 8: The Non-Debate: Obama and Romney on Schools

Thursday, October, 4, 12 § 1 Comment

Unclear who won last night’s presidential debate–Romney seemed better on style and presence, Obama on content–but it’s clear who lost: public education.

Yes, it’s good that public education at least made it on stage, which often it does not. But there was little for the candidates to argue over because they seem to have the same philosophical platform when it comes to schools, which we could reduce to three major points: « Read the rest of this entry »

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