Post 1: Where Genuine Learning Happens

Thursday, August, 16, 12 § Leave a comment

In the summer of 2011, Aaron Stern, president and founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning, in Santa Fe, NM, offered me the sort of opportunity that doesn’t come around often.

As part of his Academy’s mission to “reawaken our culture” by transforming people’s lives, Stern wants to help the community of Santa Fe reconsider the way it schools its youth. And he wanted me to do some preliminary research.

“Take some time to look around,” he told me. “See what sorts of interesting models of learning are out there.”

After ten years of focusing on the microcosm of my own English classroom, mostly at a small charter school in Santa Fe, it had become clear to me, as it has to many teachers, that there is a grave misalignment between the way people learn and the way traditional schools are structured. I was eager to step back and get some perspective, see what others have done to make schools more in tune with the natural learning and teaching processes of the people who live within them.

After a year of reading and visiting school sites, I have been inspired to team up with some colleagues to create a blog where we share our ongoing research and reflections. It is our hope that the blog will inspire some informed and innovating conversation among people who believe that schools can–and will someday–become places where genuine learning happens.

I invite you to spend a little time exploring this blog site, which we’ve tried to organize in a user-friendly, non-frantic way. In addition to short, edited posts once a week, we’ll be adding permanent content, including snap reviews of books and articles about education and learning, and simple narrative descriptions of schools and learning centers that we visit.

Please contact me at if you’d like to share a post, or contribute in any other way.

Seth Biderman | August 2012



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